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Travels around the state

Last night was a trip to the Cities. I went to a committee meeting that promised to be contentious, and delivered on the promise, but we worked things out in the end. I did get to eat a steak at Lindey's, which was up to their normal standard.

The meeting broke up about 9:15. I got back on the road shortly after that, and the drive home was uneventful - until I got close to the point where Minnesota 15 turns off from Minnesota 60 to go south to Fairmont. Right about then, even though the road looked dry, the car started swerving a tiny bit. I was able to make it quit that by slowing down a bit from my normal 70 MPH cruise speed, but it was still surprising. Paul says it was black ice; I can't argue.

That reminds me: After asking where the snow was yesterday morning, we got some. It snowed for most of the day. Wasn't that hard to deal with, though I did get to test the car's antiskid systems on a side street.

Today, we drove up to New Ulm. That's a little town only slightly bigger than Fairmont, and about 50 miles north. As the name implies, its main distinguishing feature was that it was settled by Germans, and the influence is reflected today. After walking around in the cold for a few blocks, we went into the Chamber of Commerce and asked where to get some food, and were directed to the Kaiserhoff. That turned out to be a nice restaurant with good German food (of course!)...which was just what we were looking for. We had a great big German lunch, all of it good (though Paul skipped the sauerkraut for some strange reason). After that, we drove home, finished wrapping Christmas presents, and took a nap. Whee.

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