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European medical care is so fantastic, right?

The Left constantly holds out Europe as a place where everyone gets medical treatment whether or not they can afford it and where workers' rights are protected far more than they are in the US. Only in Europe could those two clash:

The Sun reports that a man died in North London because ambulance crews were prohibited from responding by EU work time rules.

This is beyond nutty. It's downright criminal. Not once in my 17 years in emergency medicine did I ever refuse to respond, and certainly not because my break time wasn't over yet. One of the things you accept when you go on duty is that you can be interrupted at any time, while doing anything at all, by getting a call.

In the US, if it had happened in the first place - which I seriously doubt - it would lead at the very least to a huge lawsuit, and quite possibly criminal charges for someone. There is absolutely no excuse for that man to have died.

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