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Sunday, 7 January 2007

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1230 - Phone quandary

My Treo 650 acts flaky when it tries to interact with the RX350's Bluetooth hands-free system, and vice versa. While the car reports connecting with the phone at start, it only stays connected for a short time. It also doesn't support such things as dialing from the car's navigation screen. Palm's website says the Lexus car kit (made by Denso) isn't supported on the 650.

My service is through Cingular. I'm eligible for an upgraded phone, and they offer a new one, the Treo 680, which Palm lists as supporting the Lexus car kit. So far, so good, right?

The problem is that there have been persistent rumors of a new smartphone, the Treo 750, that supports Cingular's new 3G network - and runs at much higher speed. Obviously, I'd like to get that capability. It's not listed yet at either Cingular or Palm's site, though. (Cingular does list a few phones that run at 3G speed, so that much isn't vaporware.) There's considerable difference of opinion as to whether the 750 will be availale in a PalmOS version, or just Windows Mobile. The latter doesn't interest me, as I've got several PalmOS apps I'd like to keep using. I'm also not too sure that Windows Mobile can be made to sync with the Mac well - although that would be offset by improved synchronization with the company's Outlook server.

If I buy a 680 from Cingular, it'd be $200, but I'd get a 2-year service contract extension in the bargain. I can buy an unlocked 680 from Palm direct for $400, which avoids the extension; it'd also leave my eligibility for an upgrade from Cingular intact should they introduce a Palm-powered 750. The 750 has been rumored for long enough that it might be vaporware; OTOH, a Cingular rep did suggest it to me when I spoke to her on the phone last week.

I'm leaning toward the unlocked 680, but I haven't decided to do it for sure yet. I do know that the 650 has got to go.

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Get the unlocked 680 or just wait on the 750. Wait 3 months. See if it's still vaporware and then get the 680 if it is.

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I know the 750 was released in Europe and got great reviews according to So far I haven't heard any news on a US release for this one, but I'll keep my ears peeled around work. I'd guess-timate a late-spring release, since that's when a lot of carriers release "a big one".

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