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Sunday, 7 January 2007

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2206 - Phone quandary, part 2

While I was napping this afternoon, Palm quietly announced the Treo 750. As I'd guessed, it's Windows-only.

Grumble. I really want 3G service, but I really don't want Windows Mobile. To make matters worse, their Windows Mobile smartphones have 240x240 screens, while their PalmOS smartphones (including the Treo 680) have 320x320 screens.

Guess I'll have to stop in at the Palm Store at DTW on my way through this coming Friday and look for myself. Maybe by then they'll have a bit more support documentation on the 750 on the website, too, including whether the Bluetooth will work with the Lexus car kit.

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Oh great, so they've done it. That's a shame.

Yeah I have a big dilemma about 3G phones as well. I won't use GSM phones because they give me migranes and CDMA was a commercial failure in this country, which leaves 3G the winner by default.

Unfortunately, most of the 3G phones have terribly programmed OSes and I personally just want a basic phone. It's annoying that there isn't a more simple 3G phone with a pared-down set of features but a stable OS.

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