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Sunday, 28 January 2007

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0817 - Yet more tax-and-spend from the STrib

Today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune has an editorial calling for an increase in statewide taxes for transportation. I just sent in this response:

Once again, the Star-Tribune - which has never met a tax it didn't like - is calling for a tax hike for transportation. The depth of the paper's blind spot is telling. Not once did the editorial discuss the problem from anything other than a Twin Cities perspective, yet it calls for statewide taxes.

There's a simpler answer, but one that is anathema to the Star-Tribune's (and the DFL's) tax-and-spend mantra: Stop spending state tax money on problems that only affect the Cities. In particular, state tax money should not go toward paying for mass transit in the Cities. If the Cities want a hugely expensive boondoggle of a light rail system, they should pay for it themselves.

As things stand, a big chunk of my tax money goes toward a transit system in the Cities that does me absolutely no good. An integrated road network in the state benefits everyone. The Hiawatha Line does not. Why am I paying for it?

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Well the Strib is just pandering to their reader base. There are a lot more readers of the Strib in the western metro than there are in the rest of the state. It's a chicken and egg question of why that is. Is it because of have lousy coverage of the rest of the state or is the lousy coverage because of the lousy circulation.

Either way the strib is good for two things, wrapping fish guts and keeping animal wastes off the floor.

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