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Monday, 19 February 2007

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0728 - Shot down in flames...

I had an idea for a costume to make for this year's Penguicon. I had a design in mind, and was starting work on it. Then I found out about a recently released reference work that would be considered authoritative, and picked up a copy.

The outfit it showed was nothing like what I had in mind, and wouldn't be all that distinctive in appearance. Damn damn damn.

Now I'm looking around for something else...

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Hi Jay,

I made you a wallpaper:

Your costume is the COOLEST :-D
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Hi Jay,

I met you at the penguicon in 2004, and we had a nice conversation about electroluminescent wire. I've enjoyed watching your story over the intervening three years.

Anyway, I'm contacting you now because I just noticed your note on about wanting to merge your LJ seamlessly into the page. I can help you with that- I've done it before. It takes a little fiddling, but it's not that hard to do.
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Great! Drop me an email and we can get together on how to go about it.

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