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Friday, 23 February 2007

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2111 - Test *all* of your recovery procedures...

The Daily WTF reports on one company that had all of its systems backed up, yea unto the fourth generation, but ran into a problem the IT staff hadn't anticipated when they tried to actually bring an old system up for a user...

I do find myself wondering just what emulator they used.

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I'm willing to bet that these guys actually use centralized login (and if they don't, they're tards), so the question was moot, and the user could use his current password.

But yeah, that would be an interesting piece of information.

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Centralized login is not common in mainframe shops even now, and wasn't in 2001 (the apparent date they shut down their last mainframe), so I'm not sure it'd help. Basically, they'd have to set up the mainframe under emulation, IPL it, then change it to use centralized login - which it may not have been capable of, depending on how old the system was (they probably quit updating it at some point well before shutting it down) - and then log in.
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They might have had better luck with this emulator. ;-)

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