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Road trip!

I'm driving to Penguicon once again this year. vakkotaur and I depart for Detroit tomorrow morning. The drive is expected to take 12 hours or so, so we'll probably be pooped by the time we get there.

The con promises to be fun, and it's really grown in popularity. I'm doing two panels: Chupaquesos with Howard Tayler, which has become a Penguicon tradition, and right after that, we're going to give TRON the MST3K treatment. Then I get to dash up to my room, change costumes again real fast, and take a new one to the Masquerade.

We're getting up real early Monday morning and driving to the airport, then Paul's going to drive the new car home while I fly off to Charlotte for a week. He's going to pick me up in the Cities Saturday morning, and then we'll go to a meeting of the Minnesota Repeater Council before finally getting home that evening. Then I get to go back to Charlotte Sunday afternoon. Whee.

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