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Feeling like hammered crap

I've been on the go for over a week, and it's caught up to me.

Last weekend, vakkotaur and I went to Penguicon 5.0. It was a great time; even the disappointment of getting skunked on the Masquerade didn't get in the way for long. It was also a long few days, starting with the 14-hour drive Thursday and ending Sunday night early.

We went to bed early Sunday evening because we needed to get me to DTW for a 7 AM flight Monday. I thought I needed to be in Charlotte, NC for a job first thing Monday morning. I didn't. Before the week was out, I'd wind up not getting on that job at all, though it took three delays before I got to that point. The few days in Charlotte weren't a total loss, though. I got to color in another state on my states visited map, after eating lunch in South Carolina.

I also go to go out while a couple of the guys who run my company played serious golf; I took my brand new pair of golf shoes (which they bought me) and, as I put it on the phone, waved the club at the ball. That little ball is a lot harder to hit than it looks, never mind hit well. About halfway through, my right hand started hurting, probably from hitting the ground with the club. It's still sore.

Wednesday, we had a rush job come in in Philadelphia. I got to make a mad dash to the airport and catch a US Air flight. This was on a new ticket, as the original one was now worthless because of US Air ticketing rules. That was $310 down the drain. I did the job, and spent a very pleasant evening with Eric and Cathy Raymond.

I finished the job Friday and went to the airport. While I was there, I got a call from Paul: US Air had cancelled my flight. They tried to get me on a US Air flight that left PHL at 9-something Saturday morning. I explained that wouldn't work, as I needed to be in Minneapolis by 10. "Did you try other airlines?" "Yes. The only thing was an American connecting flight that leaves at 6:30 and gets to MSP at 3." "Did you try Northwest?" "Oh. I'll put you on a Northwest flight that leaves at 6:30 and arrives at 8:27." Duh. The ^&**$%^& airline wouldn't return my suitcase, either. I did at least get a hotel room, so I didn't have to sleep in the terminal.

I got to the airport on Saturday morning in plenty of time, or so I thought. US Air had screwed up, though, and while they'd reserved the seat on the NW flight, they hadn't released the ticket to NW for payment. There were several of us in the same boat. One of the others, who was an elite frequent flier on both airlines, finally called US Air's elite services line and got them to straighten out the problem, and we all got through with about 45 minutes to spare.

I got a first class upgrade. (Whee. Being Platinum Elite is good.) We boarded, taxied out...into the fog, where we wound up sitting for an hour. The flight was late getting in. My suitcase wasn't on it, either. Paul had driven up to pick me up; we had to go off to a meeting of the Minnesota Repeater Council in Alexandria, a couple of hours up I-94. We got to the meeting only 5 minutes after it started, which was an hour and 5 minutes after I'd needed to be there. Oh well.

We drove back to MSP to pick up my suitcase, visited with sistaur, then drove home, very late - so late that Paul wound up driving the last half of the trip. I don't remember much of that aside from noticing the transmission issue and, a bit later, seeing a brief 29.0 on the MPG readout. We got home just after 11 PM and unloaded the car. I unpacked the CPAP and went straight to bed.

It's caught up to me. I'm still very tired, even after a good night's sleep. I think I'm going to go back to bed in a little bit.

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