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Thursday, 10 May 2007

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2117 - Ouch

A couple of weeks ago, while I was waiting for a customer to get off dead center and get to the point where I could come in and do the job I was supposed to, I wound up spending a couple of days hanging out with the guys who run the company I work for. It was a good thing, over all, but...

They're avid golfers. They invited me out to play a round with them. I told them I'd never played golf, but I'd go out with them and wave the club at the ball. They bought me a nice pair of golf shoes (Adidas Tour 360s, for those who might know what those are), a box of Titleist NXT balls ("You'll like the way those feel." Oh, yeah, like I'd have any sort of an opinion on the subject.), and a glove, and we headed out.

They hit the ball. I discovered that that stupid little ball is &*$^&$& hard to hit, never mind hit in any specific direction. I alternated between hitting the ground - hard - and not hitting anything at all. I made good solid contact with the ball about twice in 18 holes, and got incredibly lucky once with a 9-iron (knocked the ball to 5 feet from the hole from about 50 yards away). Even so, I had fun, as I wasn't out to do anything but enjoy a nice day in the sun.

About halfway through, though, my right hand started hurting. It didn't stop. It wasn't bad, and only hurt when I flexed it a certain way or whenever someone shook it firmly. Over the next couple of weeks, it didn't get any better. Finally, while I was in the mall today, I decided to stop in the doc-in-a-box there and get him to take a look at it. The verdict: Most likely a sprain. He gave me a prescription for 500 mg of naproxen twice a day and told me to massage it with ice three or four times a day, not to do anything that hurt, and splint it if I thought it might keep people from squeezing it too hard. If it doesn't get better in a week, I'm supposed to go back, and he'll probably order an X-ray just to rule out any fractures (though he didn't think I'd broken anything; I didn't, either, as I don't have any of the signs).

It doesn't hurt bad, and if it would just get better, it wouldn't be a problem at all. That it's not improving much is what has me a little worried.

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It sounds to me as if the hitting the ground did it, and that daily life activity aggravates it. Have you splinted it?
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Yeah, hitting the ground probably did it. I haven't splinted it yet; I might do that, just for the sake of completeness. The doc didn't seem to think that would do that much for me, though.

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