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From wbwolf's LJ:

What I don't get how is Chicago, a musical!, now leading the buzz for film of the year (according to Oscar Watch). The musical ceased being relavent in the 1950s.

Since when is relevance the only criterion for determining how good a film is? Last I heard, the Oscars are for "best", which is not identical to "most relevant". Why not a movie that's good clean fun? (Or similar; I've not seen Chicago, and have no plans to do so.)

The online information from my bank hasn't been updated yet today, which is unusual for them...and a slight bit worrying, since my direct deposit is supposed to be credited today.

The Sun Ultra 5 I bought has been shipped...and, according to FedEx's online tracking site, is scheduled to be delivered Saturday (FedEx Ground). Uhm...Saturday?!

My mother is one of those who saves the decorations from Christmas wrappings. This year, after unwrapping the presents she sent, I boxed them all up and mailed them back to her. Got a good laugh out of it. She said she couldn't believe I spent $5 to send them back...

I'm considering putting a G3 CPU upgrade and some more RAM in the Power Mac 7600 I got from michaelmink a while back, and then installing OS X on it (which can be done with the help of some third-party software, even if it's officially unsupported). When I use it, as I do occasionally when I'm in the basement, I'm reminded just how primitive classic versions of the Mac OS are compared to OS X. I'm not going to do OS X before then, however, as the machine's current 132 MHz processor and 80 MB of RAM just won't cut it.

I guess I'm going to have to pay for TurboTax again this year. The IRS cut deals with several software makers that grants them a reprieve from direct IRS competition in return for having 60% of all tax returns filed free by those makers. Unfortunately for me, it appears that the criterion they'll use for determining eligibility is adjusted gross income, and mine's well above the limit. OTOH, there are more than a few expenses I get to deduct, so I think I'll get a nice refund.

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