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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

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1107 - No iPhone for me, doggone it

I'd really been looking forward to the launch of the iPhone. I think it's a real advance in the smartphone market, and I want to encourage Apple to do more of that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, it appears that the iPhone won't integrate with Microsoft Exchange. Without that, I can't justify it to my boss. The company standard is the Blackberry, which does integrate with Exchange. Since they're paying the freight, they get to say what I use.

If the iPhone would integrate with Exchange - fully, not just reading email via IMAP - I could justify it. My company is pretty liberal about such things; after all, they bought me a MacBook Pro. Even so, there's a limit, and the iPhone is on the wrong side of it.

Update: Well, maybe not. One columnist claims that Apple will announce soon - maybe tomorrow - that they have licensed the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. If so, then it becomes a lot more useful to me. I'd still like to know whether it'll work with the RX350's Bluetooth, though, before I pull the trigger.

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I don't think it's really an advance on the smartphone market at all, other than its screen. It's hardly a smartphone at all, given that it's locked down and proprietary and you can't install any third party software.

If you want the real advance in the smartphone market, it'll probably be the OpenMoko platform. It won't gain as much traction though because it won't have the apple name behind it.
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The no 3G and no third-party software were the dealbreakers for me. I bought an E61i instead, which does integrate with both Exchange and BES (but I'm using IMAP). Nice phone, not as cool-looking, but does everything I want, and the fully integrated VoIP is great.

Quite a few UI glitches, though -- it doesn't need to be constantly rebooted like the HTC/T-Mo MDA I had, but can't anyone actually practice software engineering? Nokia does GSM network infrastructure, so it's not like the concept is new to them.
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Sounds about as likely to happen as iPods playing .WMA files. ;p

In spite of occasional lip service to the notion of standards and cooperation, Apple and Microsoft remain bitter enemies to the end.

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