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No iPhone for me, doggone it

I'd really been looking forward to the launch of the iPhone. I think it's a real advance in the smartphone market, and I want to encourage Apple to do more of that kind of thing.

Unfortunately, it appears that the iPhone won't integrate with Microsoft Exchange. Without that, I can't justify it to my boss. The company standard is the Blackberry, which does integrate with Exchange. Since they're paying the freight, they get to say what I use.

If the iPhone would integrate with Exchange - fully, not just reading email via IMAP - I could justify it. My company is pretty liberal about such things; after all, they bought me a MacBook Pro. Even so, there's a limit, and the iPhone is on the wrong side of it.

Update: Well, maybe not. One columnist claims that Apple will announce soon - maybe tomorrow - that they have licensed the Exchange ActiveSync protocol. If so, then it becomes a lot more useful to me. I'd still like to know whether it'll work with the RX350's Bluetooth, though, before I pull the trigger.

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