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Sometimes, you gotta be flexible

I'm in Marietta, Ohio. Until yesterday afternoon, I didn't know I was coming here.

I finished my engagement a day early, on Wednesday. I was supposed to go to San Antonio for a meeting today. It hadn't been confirmed, but my boss told me to go ahead and travel there anyway. It turned out that th ebest way to do that was to fly from Bentonville, Arkansas back to Minneapolis on my original flight, then buy a new ticket to San Antonio. Okkay, fine, I did that.

Yesterday morning, I got to the airport and through security. As I was putting my pants back on over my traveling unitard, my phone rang. The meeting in San Antonio was off, but they needed me to go somewhere else. They didn't know where. I cancelled the San Antonio trip and flew back to Minneapolis.

When I got there, I found out that they wouldn't be able to confirm the trip for sure until 3 PM or so. I did find out it was to be Marietta, and that I'd need to fly into Columbus, then drive two hours to get to Marietta. Oh joy. I checked out flights and waited.

By the time I got confirmation, the only seats available were in first class, on a connection through Detroit that arrived in Columbus at 10:36 PM. The flights went off without incident, until we got to Columbus: it took them 20 minutes to get the jetway up to the aircraft door, and I didn't hit the road till 11:30. I got to Marietta about 1:30, and was in bed by 2. *yawn*

I get to be coherent to the customer, then drive back to Columbus and fly home. If I'm feeling as tired then as I do now, I'm going to get a hotel in the Twin Cities and drive home Saturday morning. Then it's off to San Antonio Sunday afternoon for the meeting that didn't happen today.

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