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Saturday, 14 July 2007

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0743 - I really don't know what to think...

...about this YouTube video. (Warning: NSFW for language, like most (c)rap "music" these days.)

Update, 25 July 2007: YouTube has yanked the video, based on a copyright infringement claim by Viacom. The artist has posted it to his MySpace page.

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I looked some stuff up--apparently it was shown at, of all places, the BET Awards show. It parodies a particular flavor of rap, called "crunk," characterized by highly repetitive lyrics (i.e. it is to rap what, say, KC and the Sunshine Band was to disco--uh huh, uh huh...) Of course, it also makes fun of the stereotypes of rap videos as well.

I certainly can't argue with the message, whatever one's ethnic background.
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I hadn't heard that it was shown at the BET Awards...wonder what kind of reception it got.

I can't argue with the message either, but I also can't discount the argument that it plays off of the worst stereotypes of the black community. That's why I'm ambivalent about it.
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I laughed my ass off at it, but apparently it's become a big hit over at Rich's school.

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It does hit a lot of those stereotypes. Who knows though, maybe it'll do some good. If anything succeeds in getting more people to read and be successful in America, it'll end up benefiting the entire country.

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