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Sunday, 22 July 2007

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1049 - A multitasking Saturday

When I got home from my trip Friday evening, there were two things waiting for me: a box of costuming stuff, and a shiny new, well-equipped Mac Pro. I got up Saturday morning and dealt with both, trying on costume pieces while I was waiting for the Mac's initial setup to complete. I got the costume stuff finished and shipped off to its destination just in time to get Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows out of the mailbox. I read it in between doing things on the new computer, like copying everything over from the old one and moving data from two external Firewire drives to the new system's internal disk. (Well, actually, two of them; there are two matched 750 GB drives in a mirrored pair.)

The book managed to hold my interest, especially after I slogged through the first 250 pages. Rowling's latest effort is like Tom Clancy's later books, in that it takes a long time to get rolling. Fortunately, I had an excuse to get up and do something else every so often. When it finally picked up the pace, the computer setup was pretty much done. I'd gotten to page 660 by bedtime last night; I finished it off this morning. It's a fitting ending, though the final sequence seemed a bit too pat for my taste.

The Mac Pro is here because my employer is using a new management program that not only runs on Windows, but is so tied to Windows that even the web interface must run using Internet Explorer on Windows. Not even Firefox on Windows will work, and Mac OS X and Linux are right out. I'll put Parallels on the desktop and run a Windows 2003 Server virtual machine for that package. Bleh.

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