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The plunk parade

Houston Astros second baseman Craig Biggio is a lock for the Hall of Fame, with over 3000 hits (in a league where that means something), over 1000 extra base hits, and a number of stats that, together, speak of all-around hustle and ability.

He also owns one modern-day record, and is 3 away from the all-time record: being hit by pitches. He has 285; the all-time record is from 1902, when Hughie Jennings racked up his 287th. For a couple of years, a blog called Plunk Biggio (syndicated to LJ as plunkbiggio_syn) has recorded his path to the record, commenting along the way on how many times Biggio's been hit by pitches thrown by pitchers categorized all kinds of ways.

With Biggio's announced retirement at the end of the season, others will have to take up the plunk wars. ("Plunk" is baseball slang for hitting a batter with a pitch.) There's a new plunk blog, for Philadelphia Phillies second baseman Chase Utley. Will there be more?

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