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Saturday, 4 August 2007

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1927 - Not admitting a real possibility

kinkyturtle's latest entry points to a letter to the editor in the Houston Chronicle, calling it "completely insane". (The one he's referring to is by Wayne Elkins, of Temple, about a third of the way down the page.) KT goes on to ask, "is this guy just a brainwashed voter, or is he actually a shill for the Republicans?"

I don't suppose he's stopped to consider the possibility that the guy actually came to his conclusion after calm, rational, reasoned thought. Bush Derangement Syndrome strikes again.

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I'll vote for the brainwashed theory myself. The letter shows no sign of reason at all, only mouthing formulas. My own suspicion is that the brainwashing happened in houses of worship, and has little to do with partisan politics, but the effect is very similar.
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I'm sorry, but this guy lost me about the third word in.

I don't think he's a shill. I just think he's an idiot.

(and you know I am by no means a democrat.)
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I have found that most people do not use any of the skills of "calm, rational, nor reasoned thought" when determining their political views.
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Cool. I know KT from Watertower IRC. We used to chat in #languages

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