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Wednesday, 5 September 2007

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1156 - Steven Lisberger is getting back in the game

My friends list has three syndications of blog searches (two from Google Blog Search, one from Technorati) for mentions of Tron Guy or my website. Today, they turned up a nifty story on Time Magazine's Nerd World blog: "Steven Lisberger, who directed Tron, has another movie in the works."

The movie isn't a Tron sequel, or remake, but it does explore one question Tron raised by implication: What happens when you download a person into a computer? It'll be very interesting indeed to see what he does with that question. I had a very interesting lunch with Lisberger one day. He's no computer expert - but he is a thinker who's carefully considered the ramifications of computing in the average person's life. I'm sure Soul Code will be worth seeing.

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