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Waited too long

I finally signed up for a Skype account this morning so I could do an interview for a podcast. In the process, I discovered that my Cinema Display doesn't have a built-in microphone. I should have remembered that, but oh well.

I can use the MacBook Pro for the job, but if I'm going to do very much of that, a webcam with microphone would be a Good Thing too. I went looking for an iSight, Apple's offering - and found out that it was discontinued last December. Drat.

I want something to use with Skype, and iChat AV, and other such things. I'm going to have to dig to find something that will work.

Update: It appears that, as of OS X 10.4.9, any USB-based webcam that supports UVC (USB Video Class) will work. It appears that such cameras are labeled as working with Windows Vista. This will be the first time I actually look for the Vista logo when buying...

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