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Expensive day

I bought two items from eBay this afternoon. One was quite expensive, but still a good deal. I got a Marconi IFR 2966A radio service monitor for $1575 after shipping was added. This little (well, sort of) gadget is every bit of test gear needed to work on two-way radios in one handy package. There's a problem with the internal display...but it's got a standard VGA output, as well, and I can hook up an external monitor to use the box till I get the internal one fixed. That little jewel goes for well over $20K new.

The second one is an HP 1630D logic analyzer. This one was only $250 or so, but has the ability to do all sort of monitoring and display of digital signals. Just what the old-timey computer hacker needs.

That should take care of my test equipment needs for quite a while...

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