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Friday, 21 September 2007

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1340 - PEBKAC!

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Most recent PEBKAC was the other day when assembling the new system.

I assemble it then try to install Windows. It boots up and detects everything, then when it says it's "Starting Windows" ...

*click* the screen goes blank. Nothing. Wait for awhile. Still nothing. It looks like it locked up!

I try it twice more, making a new install CD along the way. Same deal.

The third time, I realized my KVM was in the wrong position, so I switched it, and was greeted by a screen asking about partitions. D'oh!

The KVM switch was being reset because it was powered via USB on the second port and my Mac mini on port 1 was turned off, so it'd switch to emptiness when it was reset. I'd like to think my new game machine was simply protesting the installation of Windows... :o)

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