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Friday, 21 September 2007

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1340 - PEBKAC!

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Re: tron girl

About the only suggestions I can offer for a women's costume are to look at the movie carefully and work from there. The good part is that there's no armor, so a painted unitard will work fine - as long as you don't mind it not glowing, or possibly only glowing under UV lighting. The problem with adding electroluminescent wire and such to a unitard is washing it: you'll have to remove it.

I would recommend you find another way to keep the cap on besides the method they used in the movie, gluing it down. Cindy Morgan, the lady who played Yori, says that it irritated her skin so badly that she got blisters. The helmet in the picture you have on your page was there because she got tired of dealing with the glue.

Yori's an interesting character. I hope you pull it off. If you do, please pass along some pictures.
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Re: tron girl

It's strange how she has two different headdresses. Continuity error! I prefer the thinner one, it's more feminine.

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