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Saturday, 3 November 2007

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1144 - O Canada...?

As I noted in my last entry, I'm going to be in Canada next week. I've never been there before, and know very little about it. To make things more interesting, I'm flying in to Calgary, then driving three hours to get to Medicine Hat, Alberta.

Everyone I've asked has basically said that I shouldn't expect much to be different. I guess I'll find out first hand.

I'm going to try to avoid using my cellphone, and I'm going to turn off the iPhone's data roaming feature while I'm there - since AT&T doesn't serve Canada natively, and their data roaming fees are outrageous. I'll be on the net from my hotel room, at least.

I've already got my passport and Canadian proof of insurance card. Tomorrow's going to be a very long day of travel: I'll leave home at 6 AM for my 11:15 flight. I hope Alberta does a reasonable job of keeping the Trans-Canada Highway open. I also hope National Car Rental gives me something with four wheel drive. They're calling for snow and freezing rain on Sunday and later in the week. Whee.

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Hey hon

have a fun, safe trip! And get me a postcard (grin)
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The Hat & Bridge

My grandmothers house is across from he big white church in Riverside
in Medicine Hat. Ive grown up there.

I live about 1 30 mins south of there in Lethbridge We call it deathbridge here alot :)

Calgary is busy, we are a smaller town and the Hat even smaller and warmer.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Canada. The system Skype should save you on
cell phone calls if you use that program. I am faithlessness on skype if for any reason you req any assistance. I lived in Calgary for years while I worked at our provinces telephone company TELUS.

Also snow has already begun falling this morning.....but a chinook is already first to show up days after,......so drive safe & take care

~AngelA (orangelis-Canada)

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