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Saturday, 24 November 2007

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0851 - Back from vacation

Whew. vakkotaur and I just returned from a vacation trip. It was long, but enjoyable, all things considered.

We started off the Thursday morning before Thanksgiving loading the car and driving to Chicago for Midwest FurFest. I had a lot more fun there than I did at my first furry con, mainly because I knew some of the folks and was able to get involved. I also got to shoot more pictures of Orvan Ox delivering parcels to unsuspecting recipients, muah ha ha haaaaaa. The best one of those, for me, was to one of the fixtures in furry fandom, Dr. Sam "Uncle Kage" Conway. He's a noted storyteller whose sessions are always packed to the gills. He's also a wine drinker. Orvan delivered a couple of bottles of Acme wine, one in a plastic screwtop bottle that we'd picked up at the Des Moines Renaissance Faire. Conway's verdict: "Surprisingly drinkable!"

After MFF, we went out to altivo's place to visit with him, his partner, and their stable of animals. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon and evening. I wound up with a stack of books to read, too...good thing, because I'll be needing lots of them soon.

From there, we went up to the EAA AirVenture Museum in Oshkosh. We didn't get to see the stuff in the Pioneer Airport part of the museum, since it's closed for the winter, but the museum itself was well worth the visit.

From there, we went to Paul's parents' place for a couple of days. Thanksgiving dinner with the usual was good, though one other guest there doesn't appear to know how to shut up, and that got on my nerves pretty quickly. Back home from there, and we unloaded the car and collapsed.

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Glad you got home safely and had a good trip overall. We enjoyed your visit, too. I think you'll appreciate those Rick Cook stories. It takes a fair background in non-Windows computing to get the jokes. ;p (Probably why they are all out of print now.)
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I knew what I was in for when the first glimpse of the protagonist we get is his finding a bug based on the semantics of sizeof()...

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