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More credit card hassles

A couple of days ago, a mysterious charge appeared on my credit card. The details finally showed up online this morning: a charge of over $600 from Radisson Hotels, for a transaction that occurred New Year's Day. The credit card company was completely unable to tell me which Radisson, or what the charge was for, except that they said it appeared to be for a boutique or gift shop in the hotel. They were able to give me a toll-free number, though...but, as it turns out, the number is for ThinkGeek. As far as I know, ThinkGeek is not associated in any way with Radisson. Still, I'm going to call them, just to make sure I've tracked down every lead.

The big problem is that the $600 will count against my credit line until the matter is resolved. I use this card heavily while traveling, so this is a Big Problem. The card company is sending me a copy of the sales draft, but that will take up to 35 business days...!

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