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Friday, 14 December 2007

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2020 - Not doing the Funday Pawpet Show this week after all

They had to cancel the show this week due to domain name issues and a few other things, so I won't be going to Orlando after all this weekend. That's probably a good thing, all things considered (I'll post in a few moments about my travel fun this week).

I offered to reschedule for another time when my schedule can be made to fit.

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It's really cool that you are getting involved with the furries. You have a decent fan base within the fandom, and I hope to see you on Funday soon! :)
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*teleports in* A shame really, I was looking forward to this week's show.

*friends you*

Ageis J. Hyena, signing off, over and out.
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Keep an eye on my LJ...when I reschedule, I'll post here.

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