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Weird road names

In my travels, I've seen some stuff I hadn't seen before. Every area does things a bit differently. An example is the Michigan Left, not to be confused with the New Jersey jughandle left (two different ways of handling left turns that don't have folks driving through the middle of an intersection). FWIW, I find the Michigan Left easy to deal with, and recover from, while the jughandle left always catches me off guard and having to change lanes in a hurry.

One thing that I'd been wondering about: In the Kansas City area, there are more than a few exit signs with the abbreviation Trfwy. I'd wondered what that was, but could never find out...until I saw this picture on aaroads.com. (Neat site. They've used several of my pictures, for I-229 and I-190 in SD.) This doesn't answer the question, though: What the %^&$#$% is a trafficway?!

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