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On illegal immigration

Left-wing Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman, in today's issue, complains about immigration enforcement. Here's the letter I sent in in reply:

Why the quotes around the word illegal in Nick Coleman's column on immigration? There's nothing incorrect about referring to those who are breaking the immigration laws of the United States as illegal, because that's exactly what they are.

Coleman, like the rest of those on the left who support immigration amnesty, insists that opposition to illegal immigration is thinly veiled opposition to immigration. This is the same kind of distortion that the Left uses to smear sensible conservative positions they disagree with. I know of nobody who opposes immigration as long as it's done in accordance with the law. This country was built by immigrants, and legal immigration strengthens us all.

What we don't need is a flood of immigrants who, by their very presence here, demonstrate that they do not feel the need to obey the law. That's exactly what we got after Ronald Reagan signed the first amnesty, and it'll be what we get a lot more of if we enact another amnesty bill.

Immigration is a good thing. Illegal immigration is a bad thing. This will remain true no matter what kind of weasel words leftists like Coleman use to try to redefine their way out of the issue.

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