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Wednesday, 20 February 2008

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0702 - Guessing at food preparation

We're going to have soup today for lunch, and probably dinner, given both the insanely cold temperature and the fact that the soup we got is a large quantity in a single container.

There's only one problem: the directions are maddeningly imprecise. "Bring water to a boil. Boil in bag until contents reach 165 degrees."

Gee, thanks, folks. How in the precise hell are we supposed to know when it's that hot? It's kinda hard to measure, you know. At least give us a ballpark number or something. I mean, I could probably compute the time needed, if I had such facts as the specific heat of chicken and wild rice soup, but that's kinda hard to find.

We'll probably just wind up boiling in the bag for 20 minutes or so and hoping...

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Turkey thermometer?
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The thermometer is the easy pert. What do you do if it's not hot enough? You've poked a hole in the bag to measure, and now you ned to boil it some more - which will let water in, or soup out.
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There's no reason you just can't pour the soup out of the bag and into a pot or, cut it away and heat the icy lump slowly if it's frozen. Then your thermometer will work.

"Boil-in-bag" directions are for people who might burn the solids in the soup, if not enough attention is given to stirring.

I'd get rid of the bag before applying heat anyway just to avoid getting any more plasticizers, which can have estragenic-like properties, from it into the food than might already have leached out.

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