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Plans for tomorrow

I've got two conference calls tomorrow. The second one will happen while I'm driving up to the Cities to go fly one of the aircraft I've been looking at. Whee. Then I get to drive back home, stopping at a Barnes & Noble because I'm once again out of books, and I've gotta have a book on the airplane when I'm traveling. (If anyone reading this ever has a reason to give me a gift, a Barnes & Noble gift card will always be welcome.)

Sunday, I fly out to San Francisco and then drive a couple of hours up to Santa Rosa, where I'll spend a couple of days flying the other airplane I'm looking at, the Zodiac. If that one fails to piss me off, I'll buy one. I might also come away with a current, signed off biennial flight review, which means that I'll once again be able to fly solo (though the medical issue means I'd only be able to do so in a light sport aircraft, hence the ones I'm looking at).

Tuesday, I drive from Santa Rosa over to Sacramento, then spend up to the rest of the week at a customer site, hopefully finishing up that job. I'll fly home Saturday morning at the latest. After that, I've got a week of training at home before I head out again.

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