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One down, one to go

One down (sorta), one to go. I flew a Tecnam Bravo for a while (about 45 minutes, I think, in the air) with the salesman, who's also the chief instructor and designated examiner at a local FBO's flight school. I'm actually looking at the Sierra, but it's supposedly very similar to fly to the Bravo. In any event, I was pleased with how much came back to me after 15 years away from it. I even made a passable landing, after recovering from overrotating the flare the first time. (I don't remember how I recovered, just that I did.) Afterwards, he said he thought I'd probably be back in the groove with 3-5 hours of dual.

I'll get to find out. I'm spending next Monday and Tuesday at STS (Santa Rosa, California) for 5 scheduled hours of dual in a Zodiac. Hopefully, by then, I'll have some idea of how much more dual I'll need to be good and current, and also which aircraft I want to buy. If I decide I don't like the Zodiac for some reason, then I'll get with the salesman again and we'll arrange to fly a Sierra. (He doesn't have any, so we'll probably meet with a salesman from the UP somewhere in north central Wisconsin.)

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