This is what happens when governments try to ban guns - Jay Maynard

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Monday, 6 January 2003

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2141 - This is what happens when governments try to ban guns

An editorial in the Sunday Telegraph outlines the real consequences of banning guns. The short version: only criminals have guns, and they're not afraid to use them. Gee, just what some of us have been saying for 40 years...

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Date: - 0000
Government: let's ban all these rubbish guns, that folks use to practice and sometimes actually win medals in various sporting competitions and whilst we are on it let's ban some of the guns that are used for animal control so farmers have to either use poison or just suffer.

Government advisors: Yes! That's a great idea!!

People: Uh so now we not only suck more at sport but we have dodgy food as well whilst there's still folks running around with Sub-machine guns and other weapons of not quite mass but really quite severe destruction.

Government: ... yes, see democracy works!

People: But we didn't vote on this, you imposed it on us.

Government: ... ... Security?! Get the people out of here.

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