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Friday, 7 March 2008

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0716 - "Elder statesman of modern memehood"?!

I've been going back and forth with the folks organizing ROFLcon, a gathering of Internet celebrities and those who study them. I was the first person who agreed to come when they were setting things up, and I've been following their progress ever since. It's looking like a really interesting event.

I'm going to be giving a panel there on surviving Internet fame. I think I've got a few things to say on that particular subject. Well, more than a few.

The ROFLcon announcement of that panel has a line in it that I'm not sure I believe, but I'll go along with it for the ride: "Three years pretty much makes Jay an elder statesman of modern memehood[...]" While I'll admit to being an alter kacker (that's Yiddish for "old fart"), elder statesman may be putting the case a bit strongly. The phenomenon of Internet fame certainly predates me; OTOH, four years (not three) is a long time in the world of the Internet. (Yes, it's really been four years since the costume first hit the net. Time flies, and all that.)

If you read the comments on the announcement entry, you'll also see one from Ben Stein. No, not that Ben Stein. This one's a producer for Current TV, who will have someone following me around both days of the conference and making a segment for them on me. The segment will be available online as well as on their cable and satellite channel. They do good work; I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

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Hehe, time flies indeed. I also wonder why costuming as a hobby is portrayed as something new. After all, Costume Con has been around since the early 1980th, there was a lot of modern costuming going on in the 1960th and 70th. Heck, costuming is as old as mankind itself. Perhaps it is increasingly becoming more obscure in the eyes of the media that there are creative people who do not just consume professional entertainment products and neither use their skills to make a living. It is sad that they do not comprehend the simple answer "just for fun!"

BTW, it's "alter Knacker", with an "n." ;-)
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Hm. I'd always heard the Yiddish version as "kocker" or "kacker"...and a quick Google seems to back that up. "Alter knacker" appears to be the German version.

Then again, I don't speak Yiddish beyond the occasional term of opprobrium (as the Jargon File notes, Yiddish is full of words for obnoxious people), so I could easily be wrong.
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You're not wrong.

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