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Sunday, 16 March 2008

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1256 - What, me design?

Part of the attraction of the Zodiac to me is that I can completely specify the paint and interior. The downside of that is that I have to actually do the design. I know what I want it to look like; it's getting that on paper (well, in an image file) that's the fun part, for small values of "fun".

Even so, I've managed to beat Photoshop into submission enough to get started on the design:

Side view

Side view

These pictures are preliminary; I will be adding circuit-style graphics to be done in vinyl in both royal blue and a metallic light blue. This is just the base paint scheme.

I'm going to simply send the .PSD files these images came from to the manufacturer, tell them that's what I want it to look like, and let them translate to paint and vinyl graphics. I'm not entirely sure the green matches the Tron costume, but it's close enough, and I'm not expecting an exact match in any event.

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Is that a standard thing, or an added option? And can you really just send them some elevations and say "Make it look like THIS"?

If so...awesome. Do they make cars, too?
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By default, the airplane comes with one color paint; they'll add more for $1500 a color. The design is up to the buyer. Yes, I really can send them some pictures and say "make it look like this".

No, they don't do cars. Right now, they just make one airplane every two weeks, though they're looking to increase that to one airplane a week.

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