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Need(ed) more practice

My gig today ended earlier than I expected, and the weather cooperated, so I went flying. Specifically, I spent an hour bouncing around the traffic pattern with an instructor in a 1967 Piper Cherokee 180C at Fairmont Municipal Airport.

I was pretty rough at the beginning, but got progressively better as I went along. The last couple of approaches were pretty well dialed in, and the landings were quite acceptable - not greasers, but not the kind of severe "WHAM!!!" I was committing the first day in the Zodiac, either. I finished the hour a bit tired, but pleased.

I'm going to do that a couple more times, my schedule permitting, before I head for Georgia to take delivery of my Zodiac. Between that, and time with the factory pilots, I should have the rust knocked off by the time I fly away with the airplane.
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