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Tuesday, 1 April 2008

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2134 - Finished the airplane design

I finally had a moment to finish the design of N55ZC's wings and horizontal stabilizer, to go along with the fuselage and paint I'd already done.

Top view, with graphics

I'm pretty sure this won't be an issue aerodynamically, and it completes the look.

I finally have the can of paint Krylon sent to replace the one we'd bought that didn't spray, and I'll be sending a sample of the color I want to the manufacturer tomorrow.

Update, 29 April 2008: For those of you who came here from, the airplane I'm buying is an AMD Zodiac XLi. I'm scheduled to pick it up at the factory in Eastman, Georgia on June 2. It'll be very well equipped, as well as being customized to my specifications. The Zodiac is the best choice for a light sport aircraft that'll serve as a cross-country cruiser; if you're looking at LSAs, give the Zodiac a close look.

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i'd love to see a more intricate/involved TRON circuit design, but as cool as it would look at first, going all out with the TRON circuits would probably end up being a bit too conspicuous and tacky. i think you've done a nice job to add a subtle and classy touch to the plane.

excellent choice on the colors too.
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That's just it: I didn't want to go hog-ass wild with the TRON stuff. I think it would get old, fast. I prefer cleaner, more classic looks, and I think I managed that.

The color in the pictures is only approximate; the manufacturer will try to match the actual color of my costume as closely as they can. The green is the paint sample I'm sending them (the blue will be a standard royal blue, fortunately, so it's easy to match).

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