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Penguicon and the OSBP controversy

I made my usual trip to Penguicon this year. Had a blast, hung out with neat folks, stayed awake entirely too much, went home tired.

Penguicon is one of the few events I'll move heaven and earth to go to every year. I've been to every one, and plan to continue that.

Unfortunately, a controversy over the actions of a few may irreparably harm it: the Open Source Boob Project. theferrett's posting is here. There are lots of folks commenting on it; the one I saw a pointer to with links to many of them is friends-locked, so I can't link to it.

I'm not going to attempt to comment on it. Everyone else is doing that, and there's nothing I could say that hasn't been said over and over already.

What I'm very, very afraid of is that this controversy will spill over onto the con itself. This would be a terrible shame, as the con isn't responsible for the events in question (hell, I didn't know it had been going on until afterwards), and there's no other con in the world quite like it. Given my experiences with another SF con, if Penguicon dries up and blows away, I'll probably drop out of the scene entirely.

I don't know how to keep Penguicon from that fate. Suggestions?

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