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If you've been watching the geekier side of the net, you've no doubt heard of ROFLcon. Everyone seems to think I'm one of the biggest names who went. I was constantly mobbed by people wanting a picture, or an autograph, or just a word or three. Just about every media outlet that sent someone - G4, CNN.com, the BBC, the CBC, the Boston Globe, Martin Sargent's Internet Superstar, Rocketboom, Make Magazine, the list goes on - wanted at least a few words, if not a full-blown interview. A filmmaker is doing a story for Current TV, and followed me around with a camera and an assistant for the entire time.

All of this attention leaves me mildly bemused, as I really don't think of myself as an Internet superstar. I'm just a geek who made a costume that caught people's eye.

The con itself was fantastic. Everything went off without a hitch (well, after they fixed the minor detail that I wasn't on the guest list at registration - fixed by someone with a pen who filled out a nametag on the spot). The organizers did a fantastic job, even after having to switch venues at the last moment because they'd overflowed the first one. I made a point of telling them how impressed I was, and I'll repeat it here.

The coverage I've seen has been very positive. I'm really pleased by the Rocketboom story; they did a very nice job. There's been no "let's make fun of the fat guy in spandex" factor that was so prevalent when things first started happening.

Along with Matt Harding of wherethehellismatt.com fame, I did an hour-long panel on surviving Internet fame. That was a lot of fun. I'm told the entire thing will show up on YouTube soon; when it does, I'll link to it.

I'm wasted. It was all a lot of fun. Even so, being on stage for two days straight took a lot out of me. On top of that, yesterday was a long travel day: I went to Logan Airport at 8 AM, flew to Minneapolis, swapped suitcases, and flew to Atlanta, arriving at the hotel just before midnight. I'm going down to Eastman today to visit the airplane factory, have a class tomorrow, then back home Wednesday. I'll work from there a couple of days, and then I have no idea what I'm doing next week.

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