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New goodness from Apple

Three good things came out of Apple today at MacWorld:

1) A new Powerbook, with a 12-inch screen. I'd been planning to buy a new Powerbook after getting my income tax refund, but grumbling at the size of the 15-inch version. The new small one is just what I wanted, since it's as powerful as the old version (well, nearly so, anyway, 867 MHz vs. 1 GHz), and almost as small as my Armada.

2) A new web browser, Safari. It's based on a rendering engine out of the KDE project, and works very well indeed, even better than the one I'd been using, Omniweb. Very good work for a beta release. I've switched. Take that, M$.

3) An X interface for OS X. (X as in the X Windowing System, the graphics standard for Unix systems.) There's been one before, but this one's supported by Apple. Seems to work.

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