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You're buying a WHAT?

In my conversations with various folks, when the subject of my airplane comes up, the reaction is often one of huge surprise. It's as though people don't think any mere mortal can buy an airplane.

I don't get it. They're not even that hideously expensive, especially now with the price of fuel going up: if you think the market for large SUVs is dropping, that's nothing compared to the market for light aircraft. You probably can't buy one for four figures any more, but it's actually not too hard to get into one for under $20K, if you look around a bit and have reasonable expectations.

Yeah, mine's six figures. That's because my expectations are unreasonable, in terms of what is strictly needed to go flying. I'm also buying new, and specifying avionics, paint, and interior - and not skimping on any of it. That all costs money. It wouldn't have to, however: I went flying Friday afternoon with a guy who has a nice airplane (a Taylorcraft BC-12D) he bought for $13K not all that long ago. He has just as much fun flying as I will in mine. He just takes a bit longer to get places.

Yeah, aviation costs money, especially in these days of $5/gallon avgas. That doesn't make it unattainable; it just makes it something you have to want.
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