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Sunday, 1 June 2008

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1557 - A morning at the airport

This morning was perfect flying weather: winds right down the runway at a constant six knots or so, with not a cloud in the sky. I called my CFI and asked if we could go flying, and he agreed. The airplane was already pulled out of the hangar, fueled and waiting when I got there. We got in, and I proceeded to demonstrate that I actually remembered what I'd learned: 7 landings, almost all of which failed to suck, and one was quite good, and 4/10 of an hour under the hood (simulated instrument flight conditions), in which I showed that I remembered what I'd learned about flying solely on instruments.

That was an hour in the airplane, although it seemed like a lot more. We did have one exciting time: a student pilot on his first solo cross-country did just about everything wrong entering the traffic pattern and while he was there, and managed to scare me to the point that I seriously considered going elsewhere while he was around. Fortunately, he broke out of the pattern long enough for me to make two more landings, and that's when I called it a day. One of the folks out there is an ex-Navy instructor pilot, and he really read him the riot act when he landed looking for a signature in his logbook.

I stuck around for some hangar flying, then to help another student with his landings - and wound up helping a different pilot tow his Cessna 170 in after he had a seat back failure and a brake problem when beginning the takeoff roll. We all sat around and talked a while more, and then I gave up and came home.

I'm getting to know the folks I'll be sharing the airport with. That's important, as it's a community, and being plugged into it will help in the future.

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