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SUV haters: drop dead

The recently announced anti-SUV commercials are intended to get people to make "socially responsible consumer choices" about which vehicles to buy, according to the leftist columnist Arianna Huffington, not to demonize SUV owners. Well, Ms. Huffington, that one sets the bullshit flag.

The simple fact of the matter is that, under our economic and political system, nobody but me is entitled to an opinion about what vehicle I choose to drive. The bleating about how SUVs waste energy and cause accidents is just a thin cover for naked class jealousy from folks who can't afford them, or else feel virtuous in telling others how to live their lives.

Free clue: This ain't Communist China. The government has no business interfering in a customer's choice of product, and busybody leftists even less so. This is the same kind of thing that leads PETA to assault little old ladies who wear furs, and is just as reprehensible. (Aside: If PETA is standing up for its principles, why don't its shock troops throw red paint around in biker bars where the patrons wear lots of leather, hmmm?) If I, or anyone else, decides that an SUV is needed to meet my mission requirements for a vehicle, then that's the end of it. Anyone trying to tell me otherwise will be invited to butt the hell out, and I will have very little patience for any argument they may try to make.

I'm damned tired of others trying to paint me as a dirty rotten no-goodnik for driving an SUV. They had better not let me catch them trying to vandalize mine, for I will act to defend myself and my property, and they won't like the result.

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