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Thursday, 5 June 2008

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2047 - ^&*&*$%^&$^&(*&^ blog spammers...

...or something.

I've started seeing entries from blogspot.com turn up in my friends list that, when clicked on, take you to a page spamming eBay ads. WTF?! Here's an example.

I'd really like to read the text that shows up in the corresponding friends list entry, but I can't seem to figure out how to get there.

Update, 2103: vakkotaur did some digging. It turns out that it's really just another way to do a spam blog; they're putting up their eBay spam in a frame, and then using Javascript to resize it to fill the window. The text is just more blog spam.

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about 5 entries down, look for "rad paisley"


...looks like a classic bait and switch.. make a post with a bunch of metablog to attract hits, then switch it up with an ebay ad
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Wordpress are very good with killing word salad blogs. Trouble with Blogger/Blogspot is that although they're good with checking flagged blogs, the eBay redirect trick covers the "Flag this!" Javascript thing and I can't find an email alternative.
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Yeah. I'm about to tell PithHelmet to disable Javascript for *.blogspot.com; that should return the flag to visibility.

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