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Your result for The Beverage Identity Test...

Orange Juice

If you were a drink, you'd be 34% alternative, 43% caustic and 58% playful. Mmm, tasty.

This image would not display correctly. Could you drop me a message to let me know?

So, we all know that people aren't beverages, and trying to drink other people won't end well for anyone. If you were a drink, though, I think you'd be Orange Juice.

Orange juice is both a little bit fun and just a tiny bit acidic, like you. You pack a bit of a punch, but you've got a playful side as well. It's that exact kick of yours that gets a lot of people through their mornings!

In other words, you measured as more popular than alternative. This may mean your tastes are a little more mainstream, that you tend more to the right than the left, or that your style is just a little bit safer.

You also measured as somewhere in between gentle and caustic. This may mean that you're capable of being a bit more hot-headed or fiery in your demeanour, or that you can be a bit more assertive - but you don't go overboard and you have your calmer moments, too.

Finally, you measured as somewhere in between serious and playful. This may mean that you have found a good balance between being introspective and analytical, and being a bit more outgoing and silly. It may also mean your sex drive registers somewhere towards the centre. I had to group both of these areas under one variable.

I know you must be thirsty, but why don't you take another one of my tests? They're really good. Honest.

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Finally, for those of you who would love to know what other drinks you could have scored has... I couldn't fit all the links here, but feel free to jump across to my journal here to see all 27 possible results. You're welcome to let me know what you thought of the test, too!

Take The Beverage Identity Test at HelloQuizzy


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