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Sunday, 29 June 2008

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1953 - Another deal fell through...

...but there's other possibilities there.

The good folks at WonderHowTo collect all of the how-to videos they can find on the net, and organize them in one place. They're working on their own content, as well, and they'd asked if I'd be interested in appearing in the introduction to a series they're doing. I was, but things changed (as they often do in the entertainment industry), and they didn't need me for that after all.

While we were talking about that, we discussed other things I know about, and they're looking to see if there's something else there we can get together on. Stay tuned.

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My first - and only - experience with WonderHowTo was a video tutorial on how to make fake poo. And in "related videos", there were at least 15 more videos on making fake poo. Some edible, some not.
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Whoa. That sight is awesome. I watched a guy make a hoverboard out of an airblower on there.

Fingers crossed for you, Tron-guy!

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