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New meets old

For the past several years, there were plenty of Renaissance faires to go to each summer in and around Iowa. They've almost all vanished, leaving just a couple. I've been having withdrawal symptoms.

Last weekend, we went to the second of the ones we go to every year, the Wisconsin Renaissance Faire in Chippewa Falls. Usually, we make a weekend out of it - mainly because it's a 4-hour drive from here, and trying to go there and back in one day would mean far too much time in the car and far too little at the faire. This year was different. We flew over.

We went to the airport about 7 AM. Between preflight and putting some gas in the airplane, along with answering some questions about why we were dressed that way, we left about 7:40 or so, and got to the airport in Eau Claire about 9:15. Breakfast at the airport cafe, picked up a rent car from Avis (the only agency open that day), enjoyed a day at the faire. We left about 4, and got home about 7 after fighting a 20-knot headwind the whole way. We were tired, but not as tired as we would have been had we driven.

The trip would have cost us $70 or so in gas in the car. I put $95 in the airplane, and another $50 in the rent car - but we didn't have to spend money on a hotel room, and we had all day Sunday to relax and recover.

It felt a bit strange to go to a faire in a shiny new airplane. I'll get used to it.

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