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"Social responsibility" is bullshit

From a comment mintaka made to my last entry:

[S]ocial responsibility is something real and important, especially in times of war/crisis, and people who can't be responsible end up hurting the country they often claim to love.

I reject the notion of "social responsibility" entirely. It is nothing more than leftist-speak for "behaving the way I think you should". it's an attempt to convert a difference of opinion into a failure to be a responsible member of society. It's a way to demonize others who happen to disagree with the Left's agenda. It's an attempt to close off debate by dismissing the opponent.

I will readily agree that one has duties to the society one lives in. They do not include, however, kowtowing to the current fashion of the Left, be it swearing off SUVs, or fur, or meat, or paying high taxes because one is successful.

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