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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

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0649 - What, me talent?

I'm in New York City (specifically, SoHo) on a very quick trip to do a project I can't talk about yet. The trip came up very quickly: the first contact I got was last Thursday night, and the airline ticket wasn't purchased till noon yesterday - for a 7 PM flight.

This is a paid gig, so they're paying for everything. That included a car from the airport to the hotel. I'm still a bit amused by the treatment I get on this kind of thing: they treat me like I'm someone really important. No, I don't get the big-name star treatment, with people standing by to ensure my every whim is satisfied, but it's still more than I usually get when I travel on business.

The trade name for folks like me - the ones in front of the camera - is "talent". I have a hard time thinking of myself that way, but I'm keeping my mouth shut about it.

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"Talent" is just a polite term for "meat puppet". (Talk to the techs.)

The reason you get the handler treatment is that they don't trust you to manage things yourself.
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Good luck, honey. I hope I helped a little. Sorry you'll be in and out too fast for me to see you as usual- I think you'd be amused by the kittens.
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