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Monday, 8 September 2008

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2021 - Totally nerd-a-licious

Via jmthane

Your result for The Are you a SEXY geek test...

Totally Nerd-a-licious

60% Sexy!

You have your geeky qualities, strange hobbies, and nerdy sense of humor, but you know how to hide it well and can be sexy. At first site, people aren't sure if you are a geek or not, and you know how to flirt in public - but when they talk to you there is no doubt that you are of the geeky variety. But that is part of your charm too, and you can use it! It's when you get them home they realize your inner geek is strong, as they note your video collection and the prominence of your decked out computer system. But for some, that is sexy too!

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