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Friday, 19 September 2008

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0754 - Yes, I'm a PC...

...and I fight for the users.

As I write this, you can see me by scrolling straight down in the window you'll get by following the link until it gets to the bottom (at that point, I'm more or less in the middle), and my clip by clicking on my face.

I assume there's more to the campaign than that one tag line, from me and a bunch of other folks. We'll see as it unfolds.

Update, 1049: If you're having trouble finding me on Microsoft's website, you can see the video directly, thanks to this linkable website. (Warning: It seems to not be up to handling much of a might have to refresh a few times to get the video, or the list, to come up.)

Update, 1154, 26 September: Microsoft has added the ability to link directly. The link at the top points to me now.

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Keep me updated one what happens.
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I saw one of the edited Microsoft commercials earlier. It's apparently a rebuttal against Apple's "Mac vs. PC" commercials, apparently showing that PC users weren't boring office drones. I think Microsoft should have done their homework, since you're an avid Mac user.

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